Welcome to I Took The Time Jewelry, the online Gallery showcasing Handmade items from the Volunteers from The LLC, et al. who make the jewelry pieces for the charitable fundraiser, ThriftStore Finds.

ThriftStore Finds is an online auction and raffle site whose proceeds help support its Founders charitable work connecting 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs and Tax-Exempt Small Businesses to the business assets and other resource needs they are unable to secure directly. The series of charities also provides supports for whatever other operational and training needs they have. Handmade jewelry is paired with scarves & handbags purchased from thrift stores and offered as a single auction or raffle package.

There has been so much interest in the jewelry featured on the auction site and other handmade items off site, such as Fingerweaving done with Leather or Suede lacing it was decided to publish some of them.

Orders are welcome. They’ll be treated as custom request as there is no inventory available for sale, so orders should refer to on an item(s) on the website.

What’s published here are Samples of their work and Examples of the uniqueness of this work.

These images are being shared for those who might be interested having a custom piece or set of pieces made for them.

Gemstones, metals, wire, leather, suede and other raw materials as well as the finishes and findings normally used/ordered for the online auction will be available.

Orders for Gemstones not normally used must be considered special and fulfilled on a case by case basis.

Meantime, you’ll have a wide array of gemstones, cording, finishing & colors to choose from.

Each piece is individual and individually hand made, even the sets are typically unplanned. So unless for a particular thrift store auction package, raffle, items or gift request, sets are rarely made at the time and often just present themselves as a pair or mix-n-match ensemble.

These pieces are finished and complete but are supposed to look carefully made, not professionally made or certainly store manufactured, the name “I took the time” was intentional.


Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry is made from several types of gemstones including lapis, black and peacock pearls, garnet, and several variations of each gemstone type itself. High quality polished wood, metal bead is also used.

Jewelry pieces are put together using leather cord, thread, and lacing in all ranges of width, color, thickness and texture, silk thread of varying colors and thicknesses, commercial stretch cord in in all ranges of width, color, thickness as well as wire of varying types gauge ranges which is what determines its firmness and thickness.

Recrafted Recreations

There’s also an special eye given to broken pieces such as the brown choker above.

On occasion broken gemstone, beaded, and metal jewelry is gifted to the jewelry makers not to repair but to use for creations. Those items are either repurposed in/into a design similar to its original one or they are re-envisioned into one or more pieces whose look is entirely different from the original design that was received.

There is no strategy or process to it, they let the piece speak for itself and that’s how the recreated idea materializes.


Leather Cord & Lace Fingerweaving | Leather or Suede Lacing Macramé

Most everyone has seen something that has been macramé, but many are unfamiliar with the Native American Fingerweaving. Though traditionally done using yarn, this Artisan did a great deal of looming as a child, learned to make pouches. clutch bags, wallets, jewelry, ties, belts, and other goods in leather and suede which became the pallet of choice. She even made leather & lace doilies, placemats, wall hangings, and other items all totally unique to her sense of style.

As such, all the Fingerweaving done by this Creator is done in Leather cording, Leather Lacing, waxed leather thread, Suede Lacing or some combination making these exceptionally pieces beautiful and totally unique to her. She has been giving them as gifts, for special occasions, and they are perfect as an Appreciation Award.

Whether Fingerweaved or macramé, she will often create them in yarn model first so she has a visual to work from, the create actual piece in whatever leather or combination of leather lacings, colors, thicknesses the model revealed would look/feel best.


From the Volunteers at The LLC, et al who make the Handmade Jewelry pieces and sets for online auction and raffles, http://www.ThriftStoreFinds.Auction, Thank so much for visiting.

We hope you like our pieces. Our Brochure for information & Ordering is being gifted and should be published soon. If you just can’t wait, please email us at QwkQ@ITookTheTimeJewelry.Gallery so we can get you started. We use all raw materials, so we’ll share additional samples of what we have available.

Come back soon, and Thanks for supporting our work!